Saturday, 29 June 2013

Text Review: Dino D-Day

Dino D-Day is a multiplayer competitive FPS set in World War 2 concerning the axis having dinosaur cloning technology.

That's right, WW2 meets Jurassic Park!

Aside from the wacky premise, the game holds up quite well and is a lot of fun, especially if you play it with friends. The game feels similar to Team Fortress 2 without the inventory clutter, although optional weapons are available on certain classes. The various classes honestly feel a fair bit different to each other, and will allow for vastly varying play styles. If you choose the axis team, you can also get to play as a host of various dinosaurs each unique and fun in their own way, varying from damage soaking charger to sneakier ambushes for the smaller dinosaurs. The class system is varied enough to assure replay value.

The game could use a little more balancing, though, small player count servers can find themselves one-sided rather quickly. While there are a few game-play modes, the death match one is the one most likely to aggravate the slight imbalances.

All in all, it's a very enjoyable experience, keeping high tension and fast pacing throughout the match, and with its low price-point it's easy to recommend, so check it out.


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